A Blast From the Past, January 11, 2011

By K.Danji

This article was written in 2002 and shows one of the founders of the club as well as our coach. The following is a recollection from our coach.

This article appeared in a women's lifestyle magazine. As a result, there were nine women who applied to be an assistant staff member, doing such things as brewing tea and mixing sports drinks. From those nine, there were two women who did come and help us for quite a good while.

From the photo, you can see it was at Osaka Castle and the date was October 2001. Playing in the shadow of the castle was kind of cool. However, hitting the deck usually meant Dettol and Elastoplast. In the photo, I think that was my Sherrin, a top shelf version that then had a VW logo on it. That dirt ground was quick to split the double seamed stitch you will find at the points of a Sherrin. Our sport is unique in usuing leather for the balls and even though it was certain that dirt would wreck them, nothing beats kicking a quality Sherrin.

One more comment about those times was that it was hard to find space at the castle. People would be playing baseball, soccer, american football, dancing, flying kites, you name it. You sometimes would need to argue with other about having a fair go regarding space usage. In contrast, nowadays there seems to be fewer sports played there on a Saturday afternoon.