Osaka Dingoes v Eastern Hawks, September 10, 2011

By Paul Wenske

Osaka Dingoes (11.12) 78 - Eastern Hawks (5.12) 42
Goals: D. Moon 5, Y. Tsutsumi, J. Oikawa 2, J. Cooper, B. Sutherland 1
Dingoes BOG: D. Moon

Dingoes 4.3, 8.4, 9.10, 11.12: 78
Hawks 0.3, 3.7, 4.8, 5.12: 42

On one of the last hot and humid days this summer, the Hawks travelled down to Osaka to see if they could repeat last year's win against the Dingoes, but this was not to be.

From the outset, the Dingoes took control of the game with strong play out of the center, winning a majority of the loose balls. Jonathan and Sam used their height and strength and our midfield applied constant pressure on the ball. The speed and fluid play of the Hawks was all but nullified allowing the Dingoes to kick 4 unanswered majors in the opening quarter.

The Dingoes looked to continue this in the second, but the Hawks began taking the ascendancy towards the middle of the quarter to score three goals and could easily have kicked two more. Sensing this, the Dingoes applied more pressure and ended the half with a flurry of its own, with Tsusumi and Drew kicking truly.

Controlling things on the sidelines, Wenske tried to give all players a run, with Brendan and Paul Welsh making welcome returns to the Dingoes. The continual efforts by all members helping to run boundaries and encouraging each other was a notable element on the sidelines as well.

After the rest, both teams looked determined to keep at it with the Dingoes kicking 1.6 and the Hawks 1.1. Notably the pressure from the Hawks did not let the game become a blowout. Chad, Jeremy, Yuki and Yazid were involved in some nice defensive play. Their teamwork out of the bakline was integral to the eventual victory in a hard fought third quarter.

In the fourth with the Hawks tiring and the game there to be won, and Drew already with five to his name, a few other players stepped up to try and sink a few. A successful snap from 25m out must have brought back memories for Brendan. The Hawks tired, but still managed several scoring opportunities with Hiroyuki putting three majors on the board for the game. Wenske came on to test the shoulder and is quoted as saying that he was "feeling pretty chipper and read to swat a few Hawks." Solid efforts from all players on and off the field ensured another victory for the Dingoes. A grand final birth was also made a certainty with top position in the bag with only the Magpies game to come.

Thanks goes out to all players and supporters on both teams. The Dingoes and fans enjoyed a few beers and watched the Saints v Swans game at the Avery’s after the game. A great day in September for the Dingoes.