Visitors from Down Under, April 14, 2011

By K. Danji


In the middle of February, the club received an email from a Brisbane couple enquiring about JAFL games and club merchandise. They were planning their trip to Japan for late March to April and were keen AFL fans. Over the coming months, we kept in touch, passing on information, then quite abruptly the communications stopped. Our last email was just after the terrible earthquake.

Life continued as normal, then on a cold Sunday morning training session, Adam spotted a few tourists walking towards the group. It was such a pleasant surprise! Bob, Diane, John and Meredith had made it to Japan, albeit with a few changes to their itinery. We had a chat and took photos and they even brought us a couple of Brisbane Lions caps and scarves which we passed onto some of our Japanese players. They also braved the cold and stayed to watch a bit of training

It was a nice Sunday training and we really appreciated the their warm gesture. We would like to thank you, especially Bob and Diane, for making the effort, and we wish both your Brisbance and Cairns City Lions all the best in 2011.